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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jersey Challenge 1/26

UPDATE: 1/25 Finals 

EO Smith-Tolland 173 (57%) defeats Stamford 129 (42%)
Greenwich 175 (53%) defeats South Windsor 151 (46%)

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Over the course of the next month of so, professional action sports photographer Kevin Pataky and myself will be conducting a fan geared hockey sweater competition. Each day matchups will be posted pitting two jerseys of two high schools against each other.  Your job is to vote off to the right of the page. The winners will go on to face the other winners in a bracket style competition. We have included all 58 teams with 6 teams having two jerseys in the competition.  We've also realized that some teams may have new jerseys this season and the determination between road and home jerseys was simply based on which one we thought looked better.

Kevin is a freelance photographer for MLB, MiLB, CBS MaxPreps and the North Haven Citizen. Official photographer of the Connecticut Tigers and North Haven Football. Please feel free to visit his site for full access to thousands of photos taken by Kevin. Click here to visit or feel free to visit his personal website

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East Catholic vs. Joel Barlow (1/26)
Fairfield Prep (road) vs. Fairfield Prep (home) (1/26)

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