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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Down to 6

By: Luke Devoe

So this is it!  We're down to the final six CIAC Boy's Ice Hockey teams left in the state.  Some upsets have occurred, primarily in D2 and some powerhouses have shown why they're favorites.  We've seen highlight reel goals land on Sportscenter's Top 10, 60+ save efforts, three double overtime affairs, as well as co-ops and private/catholic schools reign supreme.  With Darien, Ridgefield, North Branford, and Masuk losing in the semi's, this is the first time in the state's history that no single (meaning not co-oped) public school hasn't been a finalist in all divisions.  Over the course of the next few nights I will be posting previews of each final.  CTHSHockey will be in attendance for the final three games.  Attendance at the Whale has been okay.  Here is a ranking of the order with which I rank the support for each team to this point (student section, # of fans, etc.)

1) Fairfield Prep
3) East Catholic
4) Fairfield Co-op
5) Newington-Berlin
6) BCR

Maybe this is a rallying cry to some of those fan bases.  Your respective teams are in the state championships.  Get your butts on those refurbished benches at Ingalls.  The teams deserve it.  Coming soon will also be my All-CTHSHockey Teams.  For D1, D2 I will pick three teams (3 forwards, 2 D and a goalie) as well as an honorable mention.  For D3 I will pick two teams (3 forwards, 2 D and a goalie) as well as an honorable mention.

On another note, with many teams already eliminated and players moving on to future ventures, PLEASE start sending in information about players leaving early, going on to play in college, juniors, post grad, etc.  I will post the page, like I did last year, with all that information.  You can email me the info at or direct message it to me on Twitter @CTHSHockey.

Finally, I'll save my thank you's until this season truly is kaput but I'd like to give a shout out to Kevin Pataky of MaxPreps.  The dude has been at every rink in the state, seen every team and takes the best photos of live action of anyone I've seen.  Parents, grandparents, weird uncles, whoever, if you want a quality action shot of your kid playing the sport they love, this is where you find it.  You can check him out at his web site by clicking here or directly on MaxPreps by clicking here.  Never one to plug himself, but definitely deserving of the recognition.

See you at Ingalls Saturday and look for my championship game previews here on the blog!


  1. There were a lot more BCR fans in attendance than Newington Berlin fans. I know because I attended both games and saw the numbers for myself.

  2. yeah there were only like 10 Newington fans for sure