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Monday, February 10, 2014

Round 2 Update- NFI Disqualification


Wilton 169 (61%) defeats Masuk 107 (38%)

In the other matchup between NFI and East Haven, it was detected that well over 100 votes for NFI were coming from the same IP address. This is not in within the spirit of the competition so I've decided to declare East Haven the winner.  We've seen some ridiculously high vote counts before and it's great to rally around your team but when one matchup has a combined 276 votes and NFI has 553 alone, something fishy is going on. I apologize to those who voted legitimately. But let this serve as a warning to any others out there. We can count votes from certain addresses and excessive voting from one terminal will be ground for termination. Vote a few times, that's fine. Just not 100. 

East Haven defeats NFI

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